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January 2019
Re-Defining Recruitment and Selection Process
Authored by: Chaikee Parasar

It is important to improve the recruitment and selection procedure in order to augment your talent pipeline.

Is recruitment and selection the same? Or there are any difference?

Recruitment is the positive approach of identifying the potential talent  and impel them to apply for the job. 

And selection is defined as the process of choosing the right candidates for the vacant position. Elimination and rejection in selection implies it to be a negative process. 

But how to improve the recruitment and selection process?

Job Description: 

A befitting job description is the first step towards a successful recruitment and selection of candidates. You need to provide an accurate and precise description so that irrelevant resumes doesn’t get dumped over.

The perfect job description will be the one which will explain the expectations that you have from the candidates and also the mandatory skills for the job position.

Interview Management:

Managing interview in a structured way is another important aspect for a successful recruitment and selection procedure.

Selecting the right set of questions for assessing the right talent is very crucial to figure out whether the perspective candidate is the right fit. 


A proper feedback enhances the candidate experience and timely follow up will give a positive impact on the candidate. Giving feedback, however, does not only aid the candidate’s future job search; it can also be positive for the organisation.

Instances of individuals using social platforms to air the grievances is increasingly common. So, for an explicit employer branding, positive reviews from candidates should be earned.

Reference Check:

The information gathered during reference checks is directly related to the selection criteria of the role they have applied and validate the information provided by the candidate during the interview. 

Reference check is a way to ensure that the person you initially discovered on resume and the candidate that performed in the interview is actually what they say. It is the perfect way to iron out any disparity. 

Bottom Line: 

To increase the efficiency of the hiring and attain its goal, the organization should follow the best practices. 

Recruitment and selection process undergoes a systematic procedures starting from sourcing the candidates to conducting and arranging interviews and finally selecting the right talent.

A good selection process will ensure that the organization get the right set of employees. 

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