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October 2018
Unemployed? Get 5 tips to keep you happy and motivated!
Authored by: Koel Bhattacharjee

Stay motivated while being jobless

It is believed that humans always prefer a certain amount of routine to their life. They are required to allocate a specific time slot to do a task, like to get up, have breakfast, go to work, finish off a particular job within a stipulated time allotted to them, get back home and prepare for the next day. You are bound to feel better as you feel more productive.

But what happens to this routine, when we are unemployed? The first month or so can be a busy time for any job seeker. It is the most vulnerable period when most of them actively explore opportunities, try to connect with contacts through LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms and energetically apply for the promising roles through various job portals.

Then there comes a phase when phones remain silent, leads get scarcer and the enthusiasm slowly ebbs out.

But one needs to keep themselves happy and motivated. Let’s read on to find out the possible ways to do that.

  1. Maintain a schedule - Lounging around the house in pajamas, watching TV or browsing internet whole day does not set the right tone. For the sake of your career and your sanity, it is time to work on your broken spirit. Make a plan for each day, so that it does not slip away without any purpose.
  2. Time to get out of the house - We understand that you have filled your hours with looking for job opportunities online but try to engage yourself in certain activities. If your mind is engaged, you will have the vigor to do more interesting things beyond just ‘work’.
  3. What am I good at? - Being unemployed can make you feel that nobody values your skills. It is time to shed those feelings of worthlessness by making a list of "What am I good at?" list and post it somewhere where you can see it several times a day.

For instance, you can also contribute to a blog about your field experience and what you have learned so far. You will have something ready to impress your interviewer during an interview.

Find motivation while looking for a job

  1. Find a buddy to refer you - With so many social networking sites, it is not that hard to approach a friend to refer you for a job.  It's time to make use of the power of employee referral programs. Get your resume and cover letter proofread by a close friend; preferably the one who is interested in referring you will be the right person to discuss about the upcoming opportunities.
  2. Don't lose hope, be kind to yourself -  Current circumstances can be challenging. So, it is necessary to exercise, eat right, get a good night's sleep and keep telling yourself that the right job that deserves you is right around the corner.

In that spirit,  the next time when you go for an interview, drop by a bookstore or library to grab a book for pure pleasure.

There are concrete evidences that candidates who work towards achieving goals and work on self-development by trying new strategies, get hired the most.