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May 2018
The Rise of IoT talent
Authored by: Koel Bhattacharjee

The rise of Internet of Things is inevitable. As Internet of Things is the next level coup for most companies across industries, seizing the vast IoT opportunities demand large pool of talent and organization’s readiness to accept the technology revolution.

The challenging part of seizing IoT opportunities is finding, attracting and skilling the candidates. It’s time for companies to be prepared to tap great talent outside their sectors and adapt their work cultures in order to attract, retain  and skill this talent. In addition, it’s time to tap into unconventional partnerships across IT industries to bolster the IoT capabilities, even it is meant for collaborating with competitors.

This article will explore the skilled talent of IoT - supply of IoT talent, demanding locations, competencies, the role companies are going to take in maximizing IoT potential for the business.

Supply of IoT talent

Cross-Pollination across Industries - Significant cross-pollination of roles required from data sciences, developer engineers, data security engineers sort of talent.

Global In-house Centres drives majority of  IoT talent - There is a significant demand for IoT talent from Global In-house Centres industries.

Crisis for lateral positions - Skill grooming seems to be an obvious strategy to train Iot engineering leads and technology managers.

Mobile Engineers and Data Scientist millennials are high on demand - As the mobility of data scientist and mobile engineers are pretty high due to their tendency of changing job roles frequently.

Demanding locations for hunting IoT talent

Bangalore has a hot supply

Bangalore is considered as  the hotbed of supply and demand for high-value IoT talent. While the city accounts for 40% of Data Scientists, technology leads in India,however there is still a scarcity of Data Science engineers, indicating the sheer volume of opportunities for variety of technology talent.

Looking for IoT talent beyond national borders

Looking beyond national borders is also vital to building the IoT talent pipeline as well as ensuring to leverage diversity and inclusion. The combination of younger data science talent and tenured technology engineering leaders of IoT brings well-rounded experiences to IoT pursuits.

Maximizing the IoT talent potential

Talent nurturing and cultivation seems to be a proactive approach to deal with cross pollinated IoT talent. It’s time to educate our future IoT talent to go through a paradigm shift in order to get groomed and prepared for the next level disruption.

Define IoT opportunity for your candidate

It’s time to define what the IoT opportunity means specifically for every organizations and their strategies will help them to sustain in this age of disruption. At the larger level, organizations need to have structures ready to encompass these new competencies and talent as well as deal with cross pollinated culture shock and make it flexible enough for the IoT talent to fully embrace both.

Organizational structures and cultures that are designed to foster IoT efforts are integral in building the talent pipeline of IoT.

Embrace talent Connectivity of IoT talent

Companies that grasp the talent connectivity in cross pollinated work cultures of the IoT world will be best positioned to maximize the opportunity for IoT talent.