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A large storage and data management solutions provider hires high caliber professionals through a custom-built turnkey hiring solution from CareerNet.
The client required to build a team of 30 professionals with superior skills and knowledge of the storage networking technology and protocols primarily in the SCSI/iSCSI, SAN, NAS and file system areas.

The biggest challenge was that these skills were not easily available; the talent pool was limited and there were not many companies in India working in these areas.

CareerNet's Approach
CareerNet understood the client's expectations, the detailed requirements and the quality of high end talent required in these specialized areas. We recommended a turnkey approach to meet the key objectives a set up a dedicated team for this purpose. The team created a map of specific talent sources and used CareerNet's extensive network to identify prospective candidates. The team also developed a set of new relationships (e.g., from alumni associations) which were also leveraged for this assignment. CareerNet set up initial filters which focused the effort and improved the quality of candidates. The team took end-to-end ownership of sourcing, initial assessment and selection, interview scheduling, offer closure, post-offer candidate engagement and even assisted with onboarding the employees.

The focused turnkey approach resulted in creating enormous interest in the limited universe of candidates. Our client made more than 30 successful offers in five months out of the 68 candidates presented by CareerNet.