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An established leader in chip design & visual computing creates greater visibility and a more effective campus relationship programme through CareerNet's University Talent Acquisition & Branding solutions.
One of the company's business units wanted to educate students about career opportunities, create awareness about multimedia and graphics technologies and showcase their role as the leading player in this field.
The key challenges included:
  • - The division was not a known brand in the employment market and had very limited visibility on technical university campuses in India.
  • - Lack of clarity on the Indian technical education system and were unable to map their hiring requirements to the appropriate institutions and academic streams.
The biggest challenge here is that these are not easily available skills; the talent pool is limited and there were not many companies which do work in these areas in India.

CareerNet's Approach
Following our detailed understanding of the client's situation, their requirements and long term objectives, CareerNet identified the top-tier campuses offering courses which support the kind of work the client was performing in India. After preparing the list of target campuses and departments, we identified faculty members in these institutions with research interests in this area and generated interest for participation in a workshop to be conducted by the company. CareerNet supported the client in conceptualizing and implementing the entire exercise to attract the maximum number of students to the work shop.

Excellent student and faculty attendance at the workshop resulted in relationship building between the company and the targeted academic community. The company firmly established its brand as a preferred employer on university campuses and successfully made five internship offers to students.