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At CareerNet, we place the highest value with the candidate ecosystem where we have built enduring relationships over many years. We believe in providing personalized attention to each applicant, advising them on their career path and helping them navigate through the recruitment process in a seamless fashion. Our candidate portal takes the applicant services standard to a heightened level never experienced before. Through our candidate portal, we identify the candidate as a key stakeholder in the recruitment process, empowering the candidate to perform key recruitment actions far beyond searching for opportunities.

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At CareerNet, we have key candidate services in the area of candidate counseling, skill assessment and career planning. We offer our innovative recruitment solutions to senior applicants, middle manager and at campus graduates. Our unique campus recruitment and placement program helps us establish long standing relationships with candidates and helps us offer campus to boardroom career management.

CareerNet remains a pioneer in providing next generation applicant engagement programs which are aimed to provide innovative recruitment solutions to candidates in each step of the recruitment life cycle. Our spectrum of customer includes campus graduates to C level executives and board members. We offer applicants career counseling, career news, career goal assessment, interviewing tips and one view for their job applications through our uniquely positioned candidate portal.

Our team of consultants are your career planners who work towards making your career a success. If you are looking for a new job, Please send us your resume to
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