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January 2019
New Ways of Team Management in 4 Tips
Authored by: Aarti Vedamoorthy

New Ways of Team Management in 4 Tips

Getting to know new ways of team management

Are you trying to make a fish, climb a tree? Think again…

When we started putting the content together for a blog on the topic - New ways of managing teams, our minds started racing through the culture we share. The topics of team management and team building are my personal favorites, and are quite complex at different levels. The single reason for its complexity is probably the most promiscuously predictable element - People. The mind of any individual is highly influential and it is at times when a single statement could incite a lot of debates and disagreements within a seemingly well-functioning team. There is no one way of managing teams but a combination of tools which would help communication. So, let’s explore the innovative ways to manage teams and the health of the team?

The importance of non-work communication

Non-work communication plays an important role

You sign into work, you are still the same person. Being part of a group of people, you expect them to respect your personal choices. You are, at the same time, excited at the thought of sharing an interesting conversation about the movie you watched yesterday. A lot of times the non-work communication, facilitates the understanding between the team. It behaves as a foundation of common interest, which transcends into a person prioritizing the tasks which relate to the group which share the non-work conversation.

Star-performers are often highly dependent on the team

You might find this pointer an extension of the above mention. But there is much more than non-work here. Most teams strive on star performers. But these star performers usually are the ones who have mastered the art of delegation. If you choose to work on all tasks alone, chances are you might take a lot more time. Also, a lot of times the inherent capability of a person varies based on the task allocated. For example: You might take hours to complete something on excel, but a data management professional knows the right approach added to a swift method of working through to the solution.

Social surfing sometimes works in the benefit of team management

A common pain point among most managers is that the employee spends way more time on social platforms than work. This concept is often, like asking a three year old to keep his hands off the remote. The more you request OR reprimand, the urge to touch the remote goes up. You cannot order your employees to be off social network but the network should be channelized to benefit the organization at large. Social advocacy is still better than social loathing.  If it benefits, it is not bad!

Are you building a socially sensitive team?

Being socially sensitive to teammates adds value

Understanding the fluctuating moods and emotions of your co-worker could go a long way. This does not mean you become a social counselor, but you could sometimes just choose to listen first. Then you could choose to listen better and the best would be to listen more. On a lighter note, sometimes policies like "No-Ego doer" awards work. Appreciating humility and appreciating the problem solving approach brings in a lot of positivity in the team. It is a tough task to be humble when you rise up. Always remind yourself, the journey from the sky to the ground is not a pleasant one. That’s why you remember the sickness bags only during touch-down in a flight.

Happy team building!