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November 2018
A Day in Recruitment Manager's Life
Authored by: Koel Bhattacharjee

A day in Recruitment Manager’s Life

Pretty smooth, right? Getting up at 6: 30 am in the morning, prepping up a delicious breakfast, rarin’ to reach the office, slurping a hot cup of cappuccino while making calls to the promising applicants for a brief phone screen and ultimately making them say ‘YES’ to the job offer. Painted a pretty good picture of a day in a life of recruitment manager, right?

Isn’t that the best thing about recruitment manager’s life? One can pretty much predict the volume hiring events and other recruiting activities that will occur during the entire day. It’s also easy to identify the recruiting methods you need to get done, prioritize them accordingly, and then plow candidates through the day & then comes the perfect 'eureka moment of the day' when one finds the crème de la crème talent.

Yeah, right…it happens only in Recruitment manager’s dreams!

If one is a recruitment manager, their time management, planning, multitasking and organizational skills are tested to the max each and every day.

In fact, it is enough to drive a normal person crazy!

Actually, one of the biggest challenges recruitment manager face is trying to manage multiple  hiring events schedules and accomplishing the "tasks of ensuring efficient access to right talent" in a work environment of constant change of job requirements, interruptions, firefighting, etc

So, the question is can an recruitment manager have a perfect day in his life? The answer is probably no.

However, one can apply the following tactics to inject life into the day-to-day grind of recruiting to become more productive, efficient and have more fun.

3 Revolutionary tips to improve a day in an recruitment manager's life

Recruiting Life Tip 1: Disconnect to Rev Up

Simple as it seems, one recruitment manager might find it very hard to break the habit of staying virtually connected all the time for work. One way to start is to set aside a chunk of time meditating every day for a minute or two.

Recruiting Life Tip 2: Outsource your Recruitment Service

Let’s face it, it is difficult to search six hundred resumes and find that one right fit for your organization. It’s time to outsource a part of your recruitment service for attracting, retaining and developing talent. This will help you to focus on key areas of improvising recruitment.

Recruiting Life Tip 3: Brainstorm to face disruption

Take every morning or whenever it will work to force yourself to either do some strategic brainstorming (maybe with a colleague or anyone in office). Just be sure to devote this time to one’s own personal development and growth.

A Portrait of a Recruitment Manager’s life in a day of 2020

The old recruiting life was built on stability; the new world of recruiting is built on change and flex. The emerging era of 2020 will require fast, flexible, passionate recruiting manager who has an active orientation and a grasp of orchestrating the workforce of the future. And, one will have to be able to put all this into a personal style that is persuasive, fun, and engaging.

In short, the recruitment manager of 2020 will have to be totally relationship-oriented and embrace new recruitment trends.