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October 2018
Why Outsource Recruitment? - Readings from Ramayana.
Authored by: Koel Bhattacharjee

Once upon a time in 500 BC...

What do you think a person gets when he mixes an insatiable desire to conquer things with the need for a bigger army? The tale of Ramayana gave birth to this contingency search of identifying a talent potential and utilizing the talent pool for a bigger goal. Also, the earliest account of how to outsource recruitment. The insatiable desire in this context refers to Lord Rama’s desire to cross the Indian ocean and reach Lanka. The challenge was to build the bridge to cross the ocean. As Lord Rama moulds strategy that can help him get ready to scale peaks at pace, he's also grappling with a conundrum of finding the right mix of people at the right phase of its lifecycle.

It was Nala & Neel who helped Lord Rama to progressively build the bridge. Nala and Neel, though made a fleeting appearance, played an essential part in gathering more monkeys in the process & complete the construction of the bridge in a short duration. Had he not outsourced the task to Nala and Neel, the pool of army would never have had crossed the sea, and Ramayana wouldn’t have been the same.

Lord Rama had the pulse of the situation, what an employer struggles to understand even today. The moral of the story is the number one reason companies succeed, struggle or fail is directly related to who they hire. From the CEO to entry level, success is invariably one hundred percent tied to who you hire. And that’s really the core of recruitment process outsourcing ( RPO ) as an industry: managing a company’s recruitment process of finding the best people to achieve that one insatiable desire.

3 Reasons to Consider while Outsourcing Recruitment Process

In today’s volume hiring landscape, it is becoming increasingly more volatile, making it more difficult for employers to consistently fill jobs. Keeping this in mind, here are some good reasons for a company to outsource its recruitment process:

Outsourcing Recruitment leverages better Talent Fitment

Outsource Recruitment for Talent Fitment

Now, if you take a close look at the floating stone story of Ramayana, Nala and Neel were speedy and agile; they were chosen to complete the impossible task of gathering local people, who could collectively work towards attaining that one goal. These critical characters were just ordinary people before the ‘Rama Sethu’ episode of Ramayana, until it was discovered that their skills can be utilised to achieve a larger purpose. What if they were chosen for some other task, could Lord Rama cross the sea? Scaling a company from 10 to 1000 to 10,000 with the right mix of people is the top most priority of recruitment process outsourcing companies.

Outsourcing Recruitment leverages Employer Branding

Recruitment Outsourcing to leverage Employer Branding

Recapping the ‘Rama Sethu’ episode of Ramayana, one of the biggest challenge in building the bridge was to make the stones float. It is said that a solution of this conundrum was offered by one of the supporters of  Lord Rama, i.e. inscribe the name "Rama" on the stone and then throw it in the ocean. The same was done and it worked! At one point, Lord Rama decided to extend a helping hand, so, he picked up a stone and threw it in the ocean. Surprisingly, it sank without a trace as the stone was not inscribed with "Rama". Now, that’s the power of employer branding. Recruitment process outsourcing companies focuses on leveraging your employer brand.

Outsourcing Recruitment to avoid Reneges/ Attrition

Quality talent who joins an organisation is bound to exit, if they aren’t engaged. Rather than boiling down this process to a number which states a percentage of the new hires that exits, it is essential to understand the reason behind the disassociation. Had Ravana taken a moment to assess the reasons why Vibhishana left his side, he could have probably averted his fate. What’s ironic is that Vibhishana played a detrimental role in the downfall of Ravana, and similarly every talented new hire that leaves an organisation is an opportunity lost. It is important to understand whether the quality talent failed to adapt according to the organisation, or the organization failed to provide him the opportunities to grow and learn during the first few month of joining?

Why Outsource Recruitment? The Larger Picture

Now, imagine a talent acquisition leader with these 4 super powers:

  1. Capabilities: The skill and recruitment expertise to successfully source a talent.
  2. Resources: Who makes the best use of your time and resources to help you scale higher.
  3. Metrics: Uses the right measurement tool and tracking systems to evaluate the performance of your recruitment strategy.
  4. Accountability: Determines the goals and direction of hiring, so everyone is equally accountable for scaling up.

The power of outsourcing recruitment

So, you are ready to outsource your recruitment?

Every new challenge whether it be building bridge to fulfill that insatiable desire to reach Lanka (the goal) or a chance to scale your organization to a certain level, it’s hard to do it alone. You need an experienced RPO partner you can trust completely - someone who cares as much about how your organization grows taking one step at a time. It’s time for you to take the next step.

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