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July 2018
5 Essentials of a Successful Recruiter
Authored by: Gaurav Kumar

The new breed of companies and the evolving career options is throwing substantial pressure on recruiters to differentiate themselves from the rest and to become the go-to person for hiring, there are certain skills that makes a good recruiter click. There are many if one drills down, however we will list our top 5 qualities, which can make your journey more rewarding.

  • Confidence
  • Relationship Building Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Being Credible
  • Strong fundamentals and continuous learning
  1. Confidence

It goes without saying, when you exude confidence, you evoke confidence of others as well. For a recruiter, to gain this confidence is a must. This is the base on which more skills are built and

without it everything starts shaking. To keep building confidence, stick to fundamentals and keep

putting in your 100% daily, by doing so success will be on your way always and when it is so, you will always be upbeat and optimistic.

  1. Relationship building Skills

Best of the recruiters are adept in building relationships with people from wide array of background and they love meeting/interacting new people. And this does not just mean being extrovert and outgoing. It is about being genuinely interested in knowing the other person and having the mindset of contributing in other person’s life. This coupled with strong data management around your interactions and pulling them out at the right time goes a long way in making that impact, wherein you bring in the ‘sense of comfort’ and ‘being special’ to both your candidates and clients. This ability will go long way in making both clients and candidates trust you.

  1. Listening Skills

This is by far one of the most important skill required in business and not just in recruiting. However, in recruiting it pays to develop this skill. With strong listening skills, comes clarity of requirement and assessment of the candidate and in its absence, there is a risk of misunderstanding the role and the candidates. With great listening skills, you will be guaranteed to match the best candidates for the role and gain trust.

  1. Being Credible

A recruiter consultant is like a Doctor or a lawyer who should be aware of all about a candidate’s

career. And this happens when a recruiter builds credibility with the candidate and the client alike. It starts from the first call and the promises made thereon. A credible recruiter makes sure to follow back and deliver on his word. This impression further helps in spreading positive word and thereby helps in expanding his/her network.

  1. Strong fundamentals & Continuous learning

Sticking to strong foundation always is what makes a good recruiter click. At the end of the day, it's all about being fundamentally strong. A checklist always helps in keeping yourself stick to the

fundamentals. The information you need to gather and the art of assessing candidates is what

makes your recommendation of candidates stand out. And there is no one process fit all approach. A good recruiter always keeps customizing his/her approach according to the role at hand and also keeps learning newer and newer things. Because the way overall recruitment landscape is changing, the ones who are left behind would be on the ones who stop learning.

CareerNet Consulting have created the perfect infographic to showcase all the qualities that a successful recruiter has to have in order to attain success. Check it out: