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Today, with the number of opportunities in the job market reaching a new high, every company has to distinguish itself and stand out in the crowd to attract the 'right' kind of talent. Targeting, recruiting and managing the right kind of talent in the given time period depends a lot on how the company's "career site" is branded and communicated to its audience. This talent branding and communication also needs to be distinct and relevant for fresh university talent, mid management as well as senior executive talent, though the underlying philosophy could be the same. Though most companies are aware of this, they are challenged by the fact that it requires a very diverse set of skills to be able to execute such a talent branding strategy. For organizations looking at niche talent recruitment and bulk hiring scenarios, talent branding delivers a working recruitment solution.

At CareerNet, have the experience of working with very diverse sets of candidates, and we have developed expertise in delivering recruitment solutions with talent branding approach. Being thought leaders in the recruitment space we are also very sensitive to the perceptions of the candidates about companies and how they react to brands, compensation structures and company culture. This experience helps us in advising and supporting companies to execute their complete talent branding exercise to ensure the clients are targeting the right candidates with the relevant messages. We also advice our customers to tune talent recruitment around their talent branding campaigns to maximize recruitment delivery.