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Companies today receive job applications through a wide variety of channels, from responses to ads to referrals from their own employees. However, companies are mostly focused on getting the position filled rather than manage this huge potential pool of candidates. Further, with the increasing number of channels, it is quite a challenge for companies to keep the information through all these channels updated and at the same time provide responses to all candidates. This heavily impacts some of the key talent recruitment channels like referrals or university hiring gateways when the information flow is not managed well. Even companies with robust processes and large investments in technology, struggle to manage this efficiently, and this negatively impacts their bottom lines.

At CareerNet, our understanding of the career interface management helps us deliver meaningful recruitment solutions to our customers that help them leverage the applicant traffic inflow from variety of channels. CareerNet's extensive experience in managing all talent recruiting channels across many sectors and many companies gives it a strong edge in understanding the requirements of interfacing with each of these channels, be it the web, through a career hot-line or even a referral network. CareerNet delivers recruitment solutions by managing the entire array of talent channels remotely and obviating the requirement for companies to make any new investment in space or technology.