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Today there is tremendous amount of competition for talent acquisition in the bigger cities of India and many companies, across industries, are trying to reach out to the talent in the other pockets of the country. At the same time, there are many renewed educational institutions and finishing schools in different regions of the country that are churning out good quality talent in an attempt to meet this growing demand. Further there is a growing trend of Indians returning to India looking for better opportunities. However, the challenge remains for many companies in reaching out to these pockets of talent across the country and abroad in a time bound and cost-effective manner. The challenge becomes even bigger when the companies are looking for fewer people with specific niche skill sets.

CareerNet today works with a huge talent base across different regions of India and abroad, and has the technology and physical resources to provide clients with access to talent across the country. CareerNet's strong understanding of the Indian terrain coupled with our online and strategic physical presence makes us a strong partner when it comes to targeting, accessing, interfacing and attracting talent from across India and abroad, in a cost effective and predictable manner.