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"Recruitment budgets and spend allocation is a strategic level decision that shapes the overall outcome of different recruitment solutions and drives for the financial year. Is enough thought applied to the rationale for budget allocation and return on investment on the allocated funds?"

Organizations tend to base their budgets and spend on data that is historical and based on previous years' experience. CareerNet takes an opposite view and believes that budgetary and spend decisions should be grounded on the current realities, recruitment solutions implemented and the view of the immediate future.

Our Recruitment Consultancy practice has an excellent understanding of the industry and various recruitment solutions applicable; we have gone through the complete business cycle during the last decade. Based on our experience we advise our clients on budgetary spending and sourcing mix decisions.

Recruitment Spend Analysis And Budgeting
CareerNet performs a detailed analysis of historical data, budgeting recruitment cost that will result in the following deliverables:
  • Financial Base Case
  • Spend Analysis on various spend categories
  • And more...
Recruitment Mix
Many firms base their sourcing decisions and recruitment solutions on necessity rather than requirements. Such a situation leads to overspending on channels of sourcing leading to lower return on expenditure. But, is it possible to find an ideal recruitment mix?

We have worked with industry experts, understood the underpinning rationale for the sourcing mix in recruitment, and used our market intelligence and unique knowledge to arrive at various ideal hiring source mixes for various categories of companies.

A suggestion for a small size product company is given below: