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"Recruitment processes have seldom been studied as key business processes. Performance measurement, process efficiency, effectiveness and continuous improvements have been rarely been associated with talent acquisition"

CareerNet has utilized its experience in the recruitment industry (having executed multiple recruitment process outsourcing deals) to develop process maps for every recruitment process. Process optimization tools are used for analyzing the efficiency of the process. Our approach is to provide a process solution that is aligned to client's talent acquisition goals, is achievable and provides short term as well as long term benefits (more visible in recruitment process outsourcing deals).

Recruitment Process Analysis
CareerNet advises clients to implement a comprehensive solution for its talent acquisition function. The solution should have elements of process efficiency derived from the best practices observed in the recruitment space (specifically in recruitment process outsourcing) To arrive at a revised recruitment framework, we use the steps outlined below:

We encourage our clients to pick up elements of the processes we have implemented in our recruitment process outsourcing engagement. Some of these processes are highly innovative and can give a significant boost to the talent acquisition function.