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"CareerNet advises clients on matters that have a direct bearing on managing recruitment and formulating an effective recruitment strategy"

CareerNet Advisory services include:
Talent Landscaping
CareerNet provides a map of the talent landscape covering several relevant factors such as local talent availability and demand across various dimensions -technical/domain skills, job profiles, seniority, city specific living costs, cultural influences and family preferences while mapping relocation potential.

Compensation Advisory
CareerNet conducts client specific compensation survey for technology hiring and provides a summary analysis of compensation packages in the client's peer group across the various levels and positions/ requirements that are of specific interest to the client. Wage inflation trends and "Switching costs" will also be provided as part of the compensation advisory service. CareerNet has access to primary data in this industry and is well positioned to provide the necessary information and analysis pertaining to current compensation trends in the industry.

Recruitment Plan And Budget
CareerNet will evaluate client's hiring requirements for the year and draft a recruitment plan and budget tailored to client's needs. CareerNet will help client evaluate their expectations, review interview to offer and joining ratios, and define a realistic approach to reach the targeted number of offers. Such services are very important for firms looking to go the recruitment process outsourcing way.

Recruitment Organization Structure
CareerNet has an extensive understanding of organizations that we engage with; we have designed and developed our own system of knowing when and what organization structure proves to be effective. The recommendations for the optimum organization structure will be based on:
  • Decision on in-sourcing vs outsourcing
  • Understanding of the client's business requirements
  • Associated costs and benefits.
  • Models that have proven to be effective for other organizations