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Every organization is confronted with the continuously evolving challenges of hiring critical positions in a market place characterized by massive demand and a dearth of appropriate talent. The Indian technology and knowledge services sectors operate in an environment where strong demand for talent and large volumes of supply, introduce the huge and intensely complex challenge of managing recruitment for their unique and specific requirements.

CareerNet has specifically designed bespoke hiring solution that enables our clients to overcome these challenges and secure a significant competitive edge through access to a highly effective recruitment consultancy organization. CareerNet's bespoke hire solutions are custom built for specific projects as well as to support our clients on an ongoing basis.

CareerNet's approach is to initially gain an excellent understanding of the client's business, specific requirements as well as constraints, preferences and challenges. The CareerNet team will also create a map of internal processes, points of interface with the client and a list of key stakeholders for the services being provided. The CareerNet bespoke hire delivery teams that are organized by industry and function fulfill the requirements through a customized process set up for the client. CareerNet's proprietary candidate database is supplemented by other sourcing channels wherever required. CareerNet's long-term candidate engagement model ensures that our clients gain access to the appropriate [replace with the highest end] tier of talent.

The end to end process is enabled by CareerNet's exclusive in-house technology which is built to be extensible into client systems if required. The CareerNet team has extensive experience on turnkey staffing projects which are time bound and results oriented. The CareerNet team also provides recruitment services to our clients all round the year supporting their hiring requirements through the teams in-depth understanding of the client's specific requirements within the industry domain.