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Software testing in the recent past has become more strategic and vital in ensuring quality in the software development process. A sizable portion of the software testing market constitutes the outsourced testing market opportunity. India is poised to become a leader in this market with an increasing number of companies outsourcing their software testing work to India. While there is a large software testing community in the industry, there is also tremendous competition for high quality talent in this space. A very large proportion of all recruitment in the Indian IT sector is in the software testing space; this is accompanied by increasing demand for skilled testers driven by the huge potential for outsourced testing.

The problem of recruiting talented testing professionals is compounded by the fact that IT professionals view software testing as a stop-gap arrangement and merely a waiting area to get into other areas of software development. To the industry's relief, this perception is changing gradually with more and more IT professionals looking at software testing as a serious career option.

CareerNet, as recruitment partners and outplacement consultants to several organizations, works towards finding and recruiting the right talent for them in technology areas such as Enterprise Software, Desktop Applications, Web based applications, Telecom & Wireless Technologies and Systems Software.

Our team of human resource consultants at our Software Testing recruitment practice at CareerNet has been instrumental in building trust and credibility with our clients, by gaining the necessary knowledge and expertise so as to deliver effectively. Today, CareerNet is the most preferred hiring partner for most of our clients, for their Testing hiring needs.