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Gone are the days, when storage management just meant creating some space on a computer's hard drives or an assortment of other peripheral storage and backup devices. Today, storage management has become an integral part of an enterprise's information architecture function bringing in an entire set of industry standards, software and hardware elements and purpose built solutions.

Decreasing prices in Storage Area Network (SAN) components, coupled with Virtualization, Data consolidation, Data Replication (DR), Business Continuity Planning (BCP), IP storage, Disaster Recovery, Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) gaining momentum is resulting in non linear growth in this sector. The storage market today is characterized by multiple hardware and software solutions addressing complex storage needs, and competition amongst major storage management vendors bringing out world class products.

India has been a hub for development and innovation in this area with most of the large storage management vendors having established product development centers in India for some time now. With recruitment of talent becoming the critical differentiator for the success of these organizations, India is currently witnessing fierce competition for talent acquisition in this space.

CareerNet's consultancy expertise has been instrumental in helping these organizations in the recruitment of world class talent to scale up their operations in India. CareerNet understands the talent acquisition needs of storage management companies as well as the available expertise and career aspirations of the candidates. We have enabled the success of our clients through bringing these various constituents of the storage management ecosystem together.