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The birth of the Indian IT industry was in Software Services. A large part of the growth of the software services industry has been and will continue to be in IT and BPO Services; India's software and services revenue is poised to grow between 21 and 24 per cent during 2008-09 to touch $ 63 billion.

The large global players and the "India Big Six" have created massive talent acquisition machines; the recruitment efficiency in itself provides them with significant competitive advantage. The key recruiting challenge for these players is not availability of manpower but highly evolved processes, reliable execution and efficiency in talent acquisition.

The next tier of players have leveraged opportunities in multi-sourcing, niche application specialization, outsourced product development, industry domain focus and flexible engagement models to attract clients; they face a distinctly different set of challenges.

Diverse requirements combined with considerably large overall recruiting numbers necessitating good talent sourcing ability. However, the volumes are not large enough to maintain and operate a talent acquisition organization with focus on cost and quality to generate the necessary economies of scale. Some of these companies have very specific and quality driven requirements as a result of the types of services (e.g., outsourced product development) they provide or the specialized applications that they offer.

Captive Centers which are a sizable part of this industry face similar challenges, especially those associated with the diversity in requirements.

Our clients who include many Fortune 500 corporations trust CareerNet to source their high caliber talent through our deep knowledge of the talent landscape and thorough understanding of the recruiting needs of our clients. CareerNet crafts customized recruiting strategies for several major global corporations and executes them effectively on their behalf.