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Enterprise Software Product Engineering has evolved through multiple phases to its current state of maturity in India. CareerNet is proud to have played the significant role of an enabler in this ecosystem in its early phases.

This space in the technology industry started out with India based teams being extended workbenches, doing specific coding tasks assigned to them with no visibility, into the product, the individual modules and functionality or market need. This was followed by a phase where the local teams had ownership of specific individual modules, thereby building parts of the products in India with limited visibility into overall product development. The next phase was when overall product development started being driven by teams in India based on the MRD, PRD and design being driven by teams overseas. We are now witnessing the fourth and most recent phase, where products are being designed and developed for local markets; India based leadership and involvement in entire product development right from market and product requirements, design, development and testing.

Product engineering professionals need to have a blend of superior technical skills, excellent understanding of the business domain and keen insight of the behavioral traits and patterns of users. While the talent pool in India typically has very strong technical skills, exposure to business and markets has been limited. The other challenge is that engineers who begin to cut their teeth on products typically don't stay on beyond one cycle of product development.

CareerNet understands these challenges of talent acquisition and retaining and has an outstanding track record in helping our clients discovering and recruiting such talent. CareerNet engages with product engineering aspirants on a level that goes well beyond potential job opportunities. CareerNet human resource consultants play the role of independent advisors, creating awareness about potential employers, highlighting job challenges, thrills and opportunities and ensure that such counsel results in ideal matches between role and specific skills, competencies and critical business knowledge.

We believe that as human resource consultants we have had a strong positive influence on the industry and helped our clients succeed in building world-class products out of India.