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The IT infrastructure sector has kept its pace with the software industry of the country and is now one of the main sectors driving growth in India. From break-fix and IMAC operations in the late 1980s, to setting up remote infrastructure management services for companies across the globe today, this sector has gone through tremendous amount of evolution, especially in the last few years. With many traditional sectors becoming IT-savvy this service sector has managed to cut across many industries in India.

Today infrastructure management services companies provide a wide range of offerings to their clients in a variety of business models. From providing networking and IT administrative support to helping clients to strategically think about outsourcing or setting up data-centers, the infrastructure management services sector today provides key inputs and services to its clients that directly impact their bottom-line. This trend is strongly supported by the fact that the CIO or the internal IT organizations in companies across all sectors are playing a very important role in deciding budgets and internal growth strategies.

This huge growth in the sector has increased the demand in recruiting the IT professionals with a sound understanding of technologies and specialized skills of network administration, storage management, data center setup and management etc. A large number of finishing schools and certification centers today cater to this strong demand for such IT professionals. Another recent trend that has boosted this need for talent acquisition in this sector is the emergence of India as a key player in providing the Remote Infrastructure Management Services. Today infrastructure of many of the top companies in the Europe or the Americas can be managed effectively from Tier 2 or 3 cities of India.

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