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The application development segment is the oldest sector in the Indian IT space. The outsourcing and services sector provided the wings for the soaring fortune of the IT industry in India. The segment now enjoys a healthy mix of enterprise, consumer, online and service based application development. There are about 1.6 million professionals employed in the software industry in India and about 80% of those work in the application development space.

The professional expertise in the application development space has huge skill variations primarily owing to the multiple types of companies that occupy this space. Though the space was developed by big Indian services companies, the huge demand for quality talent has resulted in spreading of talent across the board. Of late the primary beneficiary of talent movement has been giant product based multinational firms along with smaller but highly technology intensive product firms.

CareerNet, with its strong team of human resource consultants, has developed expertise in recognizing the nature of this spreading of talent and been able to map the requirements of different categories of companies with the skills available among industry professionals. Through intensive research on talent acquisition in this space, studying live examples and acquiring industry knowledge, CareerNet has been able to create classification of companies and has developed talent flow models for skills available in the market to facilitate the recruitment process. The model helps CareerNet meet the expectations of the candidates as well as the recruiting firm which in turn ensures better fit and recruitment ratios for the application development space in India.

At a higher level, our human resource consultants have sub categorized application development space into categories based on programming skills (Java, .Net, C++) and functions (testing, technical writing, management, IT infrastructure). The delivery engine at CareerNet has proficiency in the designated area of expertise and is responsible for all the requirements in that space. Proficiency in the areas mentioned helps in better candidate match and first level screening of candidates. Our customers value our understanding of the space and trust us with managing requisitions that are both critical and difficult to understand.