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Business Research supports companies to collect, analyze and synthesize information on potential market opportunities, the competitive landscape and other critical aspects such as pricing, buyer behavior, suppliers, distribution channels, talent availability and geographical markets to name a few.

Business research teams are either, organized as captive centers of large global corporations or, are set up within third party services providers providing business research solutions. These organizations are either part of, or cater to, the Healthcare, Life Sciences, Telecom, Retail, CPG, Energy and Technology sectors.

The requirements for professionals this sector include a strong research orientation - primary and secondary, strong data analysis and report generation expertise, project management skills, strong understanding of the business context and ability to use standard business research tools and methodologies. In addition these professionals are expected to have highly evolved language and communications skills and the ability to articulate research outcomes succinctly and accurately. While talent is adequately available in this space, there remains the challenge of having to manage the career goals of professionals aspiring to grow into client facing consulting roles, from the desktop research and other back-end research opportunities that this sector offers.

The Business Research recruitment practice at CareerNet has developed an extensive network of industry professionals and has worked with well known organizations; CareerNet understands the hiring challenges involved and is the preferred recruitment service provider for many of its clients.