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Financial services companies compete in a flat world where, more than ever before, the competition is intense, the customers are savvy and the marketplace is less forgiving. Banks, insurers and capital markets companies must perform at the highest levels so they can create sustainable value for their customers and shareholders. The financial services sector accounts for a major proportion of the Knowledge Services industry which growing at a rapid clip and is considered to be the most dominant and highest growth segment in India.

The large investment banks, who have also been the leaders in outsourcing and offshoring, have moved their research operations offshore in order to take advantage of the time difference between various financial markets, as well as to tap into the high quality and cost effective talent available in these offshoring destinations. The services being performed offshore either through the captive or third party route include investment research, financial modeling and valuation, distressed debt analysis, equity research, fixed income research, statistical modeling, corporate risk management services and investment banking support.

Financial Services companies are faced with the challenge of managing the recruitment and selection of top talent while contending with a large volume of requisitions. The challenge lies in recruiting and selecting highly qualified candidates for hundreds of positions each year. Cost savings, operational efficiencies, availability of and access to a highly skilled and talented workforce and improved quality are all underlying expectations in outsourcing high-end processes to India. While there appears to be little shortage of institutions that train finance specialists in India at various levels of proficiency, scarcity of talent with the requisite industry experience has become the greatest challenge for this segment of the financial services industry.

CareerNet, over the years, has grown to be the preferred recruitment partner for clients and trusted advisor for professionals in this space. The CareerNet financial services recruitment practice has unparalleled knowledge of hiring trends, professional networks across a range of financial services industry subsectors and real-world experience supporting our clients who include global and local Investment Banks, captive centers as well as service providers.