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India's private equity sector has grown and matured significantly; fund sizes and the number of deals have increased dramatically in the past few years. Private Equity investments are visible across various industries including infrastructure-derived industries, media & entertainment, financial services, energy, retail and most recently the restaurant and hospitality business.

With strong global interest in the Indian market continuing, the challenge is no longer about raising private equity funds, but how to extract value from the portfolio investments, turning the focus from financial capital to human capital and intellectual capital. Further, the success of these PE firms in the big league of high stakes private equity plays over the long run could depend heavily on one key factor - their teams of professionals.

At CareerNet we understand the subtle differences between various funds and the kind of professionals required to run them. While at one end we work with early stage funds which require more operational and hands-on professionals with sound investment expertise, we also cater to the larger PE funds which demand professionals with strong investment and finance expertise.

In addition to recruiting these investment professionals we also work closely with the Private Equity industry to hire leadership talent into their portfolio companies. Top on the agenda of India's private equity firms today is finding the right leadership teams to drive business. In the short term, we believe that experienced senior executives with in-depth industry knowledge and the right "ownership mentality" will increasingly be in demand.

Over the past 9 years, CareerNet with its high quality talent acquisition services has been the recruitment partner of choice to many startups and SMEs and has helped them to acquire key leadership talent. CareerNet has also partnered with some of the well known Private Equity and Venture Capital firms in India to help them determine and meet the talent acquisition needs of their portfolio companies. Today, with its knowledge, expertise of its human resource consultants and network of Indians, global as well as local, CareerNet is positioned as an ideal partner for PE firms in India.