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As the global banks face tremendous pressure on profitability in the extremely competitive US and European markets, they are continuously seeking to source high quality talent from more capital efficient markets and establishing their presence in the emerging economies of Asia, India being one of those prominent locations. The last few years has seen the Indian economy on a steep growth path; public markets, private equity and M&A activity have been at an all time high resulting in record investment banking revenues in this region. While this surge in revenues has propelled India to become one of the largest markets for investment banking in the Asia Pacific region, this has been accompanied by the emergence of India as a leading hub for investment bank middle office and back office functions, now a key segment of the Knowledge Services industry in India.

Talent management presents several challenges in the investment banking sector; it's all about finding the right talent, recruiting them before your competitor does and retaining them in a highly competitive and cut-throat market. Global banks, Private Equity firms and Indian banks are competing for the same talent to expand their teams, resulting in significant demand for experienced investment bankers and upward pressure on compensation packages.

As part of our specialist talent acquisition offering, CareerNet has a team of human resource consultants focused on the front office roles within Investment Banking recruiting across roles and levels. Our customized talent acquisition solutions and consistent execution, have led to long and enduring relationships with the world's most prestigious Investment Banks, Finance Boutiques and Investment Management firms.