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Driven by increased competition and developing demand for consumer banking services, banks in India, in search of future business models and higher market share, are finding innovative ways to increase their penetration into the low and middle-income sectors by providing retail products and services specially designed for these groups. Common products and services include credit cards, home loans, automobile loans, a whole array of liabilities products as well as other consumer banking opportunities such as wealth management services, priority banking and private banking.

There are various opportunities available for banking professionals at various levels including fresh entry level graduates in most consumer bank front offices such as sales, personal bankers in branches, customer service officers in phone banking centers as well as roles in middle and back office functions such as in financial control, operations and marketing.

One of the key challenges in the consumer banking industry is in attracting and retaining the right talent. Attrition is a major issue facing these organizations, and that coupled with rapid growth results in this sector generating considerable demand for fresh talent.

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