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In a highly competitive market, being cost efficient is one of the primary objectives of most companies. However, in a growing 'consumer focused' market where the consumer demands are fast changing it is very challenging for companies to manage yet another important stakeholder in their value chain, the 'supplier'. But as the markets become more efficient and cost becomes an advantage, the companies that not only meet the needs of their customers but also effectively manage their 'suppliers' will stand the edge. It is in this context that the role of a Procurement function becomes both important and strategic.

Procurement teams can work closely with their vendors to improve processes and unlock value in the partnership and help the company think more strategically about outsourcing some of the key inputs to the business. A strategic procurement function can help companies to be in tune with the market conditions and predict the fluctuations in price and trends in the supplier industries. In many cases we have also seen the procurement department play a crucial role in working with regulatory authorities and interface with the governments and other industry groups.

This trend is strongly supported by the fact that many companies are now appointing a Chief Procurement Officer to manage the supplier part of the story. However, given the limited talent in this function, it is still a challenge for many companies to attract the right talent into their procurement departments. CareerNet's team of human resource consultants and outplacement consultants enable it to offer the complete suite of recruitment process outsourcing services for this function, across sectors. Along with its strong candidate database and thorough understanding of this industry function CareerNet has helped its clients from various sectors like Technology, BFSI and Knowledge Service Providers etc. to hire talented procurement professionals who come with a strategic view of sourcing and procurement.