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With many global players increasing their footprint in India and with many Indian companies growing strongly within India and outside, the demand for professionals in corporate roles has been on a steady rise. These corporate roles are key to effective communication within the organization and to the outside world, to managing employee motivation and development, to managing relationships with key stakeholders and the media, to leading the social responsibility initiatives and many others.

These professionals are not only trusted advisors to executive managements and boards but are also subject matter experts in their respective functions who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and leadership to these corporations. The professionals in these corporate roles are also responsible for adopting and communicating the global philosophy and practices of the company by adding a local flavour to these, which becomes an interesting challenge in a country like India given its diversity.

Some of the important corporate role functions in an organization are:
  • Corporate Planning and Strategy.
  • Corporate Development.
  • Company Secretarial.
  • Corporate Communications.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Special Initiatives.
  • Risk, Audit and Compliance.
  • Government and Regulatory.
Having worked with many large corporations, CareerNet's team of human resource consultants and outplacement consultants understand the need and importance of these key corporate functions and the talent acquisition needs for each of its clients. Further, CareerNet's consultancy expertise in the Indian business context makes it an ideal partner for the recruitment of people for these roles, which require strong knowledge of the local environment and practices.