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Traditionally, technology companies set up Research & Development, as well as Delivery centers in India, for products and technology that were intended for consumption primarily in western markets. Over the past few years, Indian domestic markets have rapidly grown and matured primarily led by the explosive growth in the telecom sector. This market has become attractive not just for technology and products which are widely available globally; it has also fuelled the design, development and manufacture of products to address the specific needs of, and local conditions in, the Indian domestic market. While many large global technology players set up domestic market facing sales organizations in India, more than a decade ago, there is a clear trend in momentum building up in the following areas:
  • Creation of domestic market facing sales and marketing teams, by several small and mid-size technology product, telecom and Internet based businesses.
  • Expansion of sales teams based in India facing international markets for IT and BPO services.
  • Establishment of marketing organizations based in India supporting international businesses.
  • Creation and expansion of sales and marketing organizations for Indian retail consumer markets e.g., Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, Mobile VAS.
Needless to say, success in the market place for these companies is highly dependent on the quality of these teams. CareerNet's team of human resource consultants understand that top-end marketing professionals and sales professionals are a critical growth driver and has delivered on such key positions for our clientele which include well funded start ups as well as large Indian and global companies, across locations in India. CareerNet provides complete recruitment process outsourcing services in the following areas,

Sales: Pre Sales, Enterprise Sales, Channels & Distribution, Partnerships & Alliances and Account Management.

Marketing: Market Research, Marketing Services, Internet Marketing, Marketing Communications, Public Relations/Media Relations, Events & Promotions, Advertising, Content Development and Creative Services, Product Management and Marketing.