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With the pursuit of shareholder value creation for Indian companies acquiring centre stage the corporate finance function has grown well beyond conventional accounting functions to a key strategic component of the overall organization. The huge responsibility of maintaining the financial health of the company rests on the shoulders of today's corporate finance professional in an era where company operations are under intense scrutiny from a broader set of stakeholders - the board, investors and several regulatory bodies. Corporate assets, such as businesses and brands, changing hands is are now a regular phenomenon with Indian corporations. The finance function has continued to grow in scope strategically and provide support to the global ambitions of Indian companies be it raising capital or restructuring group companies to unlock shareholder value.

Recruiting corporate finance professionals who are expected to exceed the traditional expectations and deliver business results is a huge challenge. CareerNet has developed a valuable network of finance professionals; we support our clients in recruiting across corporate finance functions across the spectrum from transactional and operational roles to highly strategic positions:
  • Accounting and Reporting
  • Audit, Risk, Compliance
  • Financial Control, Planning, Forecasting, Treasury Operations, Financial Analysis, Budgeting
  • Fund Raising, Mergers & Acquisitions, Special Projects, Strategic Planning, Investor Relations.
CareerNet has been particularly successful in corporate finance recruitment of professionals for venture funded start-ups by offering candidates challenging opportunities that provide long-term career development and wealth and value creation. CareerNet's clients have access to our complete recruitment process outsourcing offerings, our relationships, talent acquisition consultancy expertise as well as our ability to tailor customized solutions for each organization's unique requirements to provide them the most suited professionals.