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Campus Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Hire right talent from the right campus. Choosing the right campus set to running effective campaigns and managing resource-intensive recruitment simultaneously across several campuses, in a well-coordinated manner, we have done it all.

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Back To Work

Outplacement service that helps employers to successfully outplace employees when needed and candidates to get back on their career track.


CareerNet's success is measured in engaging our client's business and giving expert advices to people working in recruitment field.


Careernet's customizable end-to-end RPO solution provides recruiting expertise and help clients streamline recruitment processes.

Bespoke Hiring

Enable our clients to overcome the complex challenges of managing recruitment for their unique and specific requirements.

Turbo-Charged Hiring

Turbo-charge your existing recruitment engine to give it the additional thrust, while keeping it efficient and optimal.

University Hiring

Execute broader hiring strategy to discover the finest talent graduating from academic institutions across the country.

Executive Search

Build strong leadership teams for your organization by accessing vast networks of business and technology leaders.