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With the media sector growing fast and in a job market with very high levels of talent recruiting demand and supply, there are more advertisements for jobs than ever before. However managing the responses to these ads, given the huge number of applications for every open position, is a constant challenge to all companies, be it mid-sized or an MNC. Further, ad response management can be bursty depending on the hiring cycles of the company and is not cost-effectively managed by having a dedicated internal team. In addition, it might not be efficient for companies to invest in internal processes or technologies to deal with the responses coming through their advertisement. However, the risk of an ill-managed response could be many frustrated candidates, which in the longer term might impact the brand of the organization.

With over 9 years of experience in the recruitment industry and being a pioneer in process and technology of the recruitment industry, CareerNet today offers highly effective ad response management recruitment solutions to company of every size and from every sector to manage their bulk talent hiring needs. The CareerNet team works closely with the recruitment organization of the client companies to design processes and use relevant technologies to manage and filter huge volumes of applicants. Our ad response management solution is also focused towards providing a quick and transparent response to the candidates, thus ensuring a good application experience and safe guarding the brand of the client.

Customer Testimonials

 CareerNet has been providing us Recruitment services in the VLSI design(all aspects), Marketing, Test & Embedded Software space for Junior as well as senior positions. We are extremely happy with the quality of candidates we could hire & the professional service provided by CareerNet during Pre- & post-selection process.
We are quite satisfied in partnering with them & expect this partnership to be of long-standing nature. I wish them all the very best in their efforts at making CareerNet grow rapidly both in qualitative & quantitative terms.  

India Design Centre Head, Semiconductor Company

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