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High cost and low availability of business leaders in India is being raised as an utmost concern from startups to MNCs in India. At the same time there are many Indian business leaders, growing out of India and returning from abroad, who are looking for interesting opportunities in the maturing industries of an emerging economy.

With 9 years of experience of high quality recruitment and recruitment process outsourcing in India, CareerNet is ideally positioned to act as a key facilitator in this phase of India's demand for leadership talent. The process of creating and defining important leadership roles, attracting and retaining key leadership talent in a fast paced economy which is expanding globally, is a complex challenge that we at CareerNet are excited to solve. CareerNet believes that a deep understanding of the client's business objectives and strategy, its domain and industry and the culture is the core to finding the right leadership talent for the client. CareerNet, unlike many executive search firms, is also committed to understanding the needs and aspirations of the candidate to make sure the right opportunity meets with the right people.

CareerNet offers a variety of services as part of its Executive Search offering, which include the following.
  • Executive Search / Leadership Acquisition
  • Advisory services
    • Compensation and Benefits Strategy
    • Designing job profiles and descriptions
    • Succession Plan and Exit Management
    • India Specific Organization models
  • Corporate Board Search
    • Independent Directors
    • Women Directors
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Customer Testimonials

 CareerNet has been providing us Recruitment services in the VLSI design(all aspects), Marketing, Test & Embedded Software space for Junior as well as senior positions. We are extremely happy with the quality of candidates we could hire & the professional service provided by CareerNet during Pre- & post-selection process.
We are quite satisfied in partnering with them & expect this partnership to be of long-standing nature. I wish them all the very best in their efforts at making CareerNet grow rapidly both in qualitative & quantitative terms.  

India Design Centre Head, Semiconductor Company

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