Established in 1999, CareerNet is the leading provider of Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions to the Technology, Knowledge Services, Banking and Financial Services sectors in India. The leadership team has several decades of collective experience working for global services and consulting firms and are alumni of premier educational institutions in India.

CareerNet aims to provide fast, simple and cost-effective solutions for our clients, through strategic advice and solutions in the areas of Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Talent Acquisition Strategy and Planning, Compensation Advisory, University Recruitment, Leadership Acquisition, Talent Branding, Role Design, Performance Management Systems, Outplacement and Exit Management.

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Network of high quality professionals
At CareerNet, we proactively build and maintain enduring relationships with high quality professionals through the lifecycle of their careers. We carefully nurture these relationships with the support of our world-class technology platform and provide personalized attention to each applicant; advising them on their career paths and helping them navigate through the recruitment process, enriching the overall relationship.

Innovation in Talent Acquisition
At CareerNet, we have always believed in creating newer business models and delivery mechanisms that create enhanced value for our clients and candidates. Some of our pioneering initiatives are redefining the way talent acquisition and management that is done in India.

High quality technology-enabled experience
Investments in a scalable and robust recruitment technology platform has made CareerNet a highly effective partner for our clients as well as a highly efficient operation. Users of the platform operate out of multiple regions to deliver consistent and high quality real time services to customers and candidates alike and contribute to their success.

Broad spectrum of customized solutions
CareerNet has a breadth of solutions which are aimed at bringing together the best minds and the best organizations together. These talent acquisition solutions are custom-built to address the specific situation and span across the spectrum from university talent to occupants of the boardroom. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions are fully customized to the needs to our clients

Risk-reward based services partnership
CareerNet works on a risk-reward based partnership with our clients. We determine the balance between service levels and pricing, and incorporate this into our engagement models which are supported by robust service management processes.

CareerNet works with a broad range of clients, from early-stage startups to large global organizations as well as highly respected Indian corporations in the Technology, Knowledge Services, Banking and Financial Services sectors in India. We are innovatively organized to provide very high quality of service to clients across this spectrum of clientele.

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Management Team, Executive Team, Leadership Team, IIT, NIT, XLRI

CareerNet is led by a team of highly talented and experienced professionals who have extensive experience in the technology, consulting, talent acquisition and services industry. The team has an outstanding track record and has in-depth expertise in Recruitment Process Outsourcing as well as in the industry domains that we operate in. Every one of our 550+ employees across various locations in India plays a critical role that enables the success of our clients.

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CareerNet has created a new breed of professionals for the Talent Acquisition industry by making significant investments in training and development of its talent. We are a young, energetic and entrepreneurial team with an intense hunger to grow. Our people work within a demanding environment which enables individuals to realize their full potential and where each individual's contributions are recognized and rewarded.

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