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University Hiring
Discover the finest talent graduating from academic institutions across the country and execute your broader hiring strategy while help these young minds realize their career aspirations.

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Talent Recruiting, Recruitment Process Optimization

CareerNet delivers services covering the entire spectrum of talent acquisition and management space. Our modular and customizable solutions can be leveraged extensively by customers to address their key pain points in the talent supply chain. Our commitment to constant innovation in streamlining and optimizing recruitment processes to drive value for our customers remains our lasting differentiator.

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Human Resources Consultants and Recruitment Consulting
Talent-Branding, Source Management and Ad Response Management
Talent Branding
Distinguish yourself and stand out in the crowd to attract the right kind of talent through by partnering with the experts to craft and execute your talent branding strategy.
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Advertisement Response Management
Manage responses to your job advertisements through a highly effective solution combining robust technology and proven processes to deliver high quality candidate experience and accurate selection.
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Source Management
Reduce your cost of acquisition per candidate by optimizing the sourcing mix and effectively managing the different sourcing channels and the entire candidate base, through an experienced partner.
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